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Valuable questions to ask your Provider during consultation to help you make an informed decision

Maximize the value of your consultation with these positive questions to ask your ABA provider:

1.    How many therapists will be supporting my child’s progress?
2.   What kind of training and ongoing development do your therapists receive?
3.   How much direct supervision do your therapists receive from BCBAs?
4.   How do you prioritize safety concerns during therapy sessions?
5.   What does a typical ABA session look like for my child?
6.   Do you offer flexible options for home-based or clinic-based therapy?
7.    How do you work with parents to set goals for my child’s progress?
8.   How frequently do you evaluate and update my child’s goals?
9.   How do you measure my child’s progress and adjust goals to support their growth?
10. How many hours per week of ABA services can you offer?
11.  Is there a waitlist for your services?
12. How many qualified BCBAs do you have on your team?
13. How many experienced behavioral therapists do you have available to support my child’s progress?