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Dear parents:

Learning that your child has been diagnosed with autism is a lifechanging moment. Suddenly, your role as a parent will change, the day-to-day challenges of caring for your child with autism will worry you. Your life might feel different from what you plan it to be. You will go through many negative and positive experiences in your new role. Most parents go through periods of denial. It is important to be aware that you may be experiencing denial, so it doesn’t interfere with making good decisions about your child’s treatment and help your child with autism to reach his/her full potential.

One of the most important roles you will have is serving as your child’s advocate.  Take an action and find right treatment. Time is very valuable for your child’s progress. Starting treatment as early as possible is a number 1 goal for you as a parent.

Who Diagnose my child?

A Psychologist, Neurologist or Developmental Pediatrician are the most suited to diagnose autism.

You can use our Search above for Psychologists, Neurologists or Developmental Pediatricians near you to get your child diagnosed. Once your child has been diagnosed with autism, you will need an ABA provider to start the treatment.

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Treatment and autism (please link to “ABA Handy Tips” below)

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is considered an evidence based best practice treatment. in Intensive and long-term therapy using ABA principles significantly improves outcome for many children with autism.

Cost of ABA therapy: ABA is coved by most insurances. All Medicaid and many type of private health insurance are required to cover ABA services if it is medically necessary for children and individuals with autism.

Where do I find ABA services?

It is important to find an ABA provider/agency that is a good fit for your family. The first step is for the therapists to establish a good relationship with your child. If your child trusts therapists and enjoys spending time with them, the therapy will be fun and more successful!